Lost in translation

My coworker looked at me with horror when I recounted stories of Black Friday in the US. Here it just…

First steps

Last night we were given an in depth tour of the Basque language, Euskadi, with a lovely, lively tour guide.…


I spend a lot of time at the library.


We watch some good movies with the kids. Last night was “The Imitation Game” about Turing and the Enigma from…


I hope to die in my very late nineties, with my full faculties, surrounded by loved ones, in France.

Sunday driving

We’re all working a lot and spending entirely too much time in the house, so yesterday we went for a…

Le médecin

Waiting in the doctor’s office to see if this is an infection. Edit:  Virus!


The more I see of the interior, the further removed from noise I want to get.

Hearts update

Everything is alright in the heart department. I., nothing and me a small leak, which the cardiologist said was also,…