My Dad got super close to the camera to tell me about the delicious Basque cheesecake he had had for…


Century, etc. B. picked all the games that hurt my head.


Eventful ride home from work and games with I.

Dream job

Going to The Hague for an interview for my dream job. I’m positive there is some stiff competition, but the…


Coming off of three weeks of being sick. Just me though, which is good. Kids haven’t got it yet, but…


Sagrada and 7 Wonders. No photo: Time Arena


I’m making a presentation on Sunday on something I like and get, but that I don’t own yet. Learning. Understanding.…

Eating machine

Impromptu Ikea dinner. He ate 3 hot dogs, fries and his sister’s fries. 15 is all about growing.

Let’s see what these do

Adventures in French pharmaceuticals. Update:  45 minutes later…magic. Update:  4 hours later.  Help?! Update:  5 hours later. Back where I…