It’s 100° in the Pays Basque today, and I am luckily escaping to London for an SLA Europe Meeting, where it will be 62° and much more my speed, weather-wise.

While at the airport, I noticed that the tourists have arrived, and I have become one of those people who gets cranky about stuff like that, especially when Americans are talking loudly on their phones for the whole waiting area to hear and giving us a bad reputation.

Today I’ll go to the Tate Museum and then meet up with the committee, then back to the hostel for some lesson planning and job searching.

Movies with B

Two nights ago, accidentally saw the documentary, “Jeune Bergère” about a woman who moved from Paris to Le Havre to become a shepherd. Beautiful film.

We had meant to see “Margolaria” which was a documentary about artists, musicians, all over the world, told through the music of Basque musician, Mikel Urdangarin. We saw it last night. Amazing.

Almost done

The end is in sight! I have three more articles to submit and then I’m on my own. Looking for work in my field so if you know anyone who needs an English-speaking connection-maker who loves non-profit work and has interests in data privacy, finding uses for emerging tech and human development work, I’m your gal.

So, Easter. We went for a walk around St. Jean de Luz in our Easter outfits and bought delicious cakes.