Hermit heaven

Flowers de ville

Day off: Inside for 80% of the day. Woke later, ate breakfast, did a Skype lesson, and then did some work at the regular job to help out. Ate lunch, and then walked to the grocery store with Bryan. Bought foods and lugged them home. Talked to my friend Martine on the phone for an hour. I could honestly listen to her all day. She’s a great communicator. Ate some chocolate. Then poked around online, ate dinner, painted my nails and read a book. Will now read a bit more and watch some t.v with the kids. Then off to bed.

The crown 👑

Well here we are. All together on a cold, rainy day in the middle of the countryside. It’s quiet. They’ve closed the bars and restaurants and all non-vital shops. All the borders are closed. I’m working from home (WFH), as the kids say these days. Grateful I have a job, grateful everyone I love is healthy, grateful I’m in France.


Yesterday we were told we would soon begin to work from home. This has been my work view for the past 4.5 months, and I will miss it. However…

I will get to work from home. My home home – with my family close to me, in my town with my peeps. I am excited.

Hello body!

Tuesday afternoon, I took a new bus and ended up in a new neighbourhood, which was quite lovely and worth of exploration once B arrives in a few weeks.

I took my first voice lesson, which I signed up for intending to master my breath in stressful situations. The work started much faster than I had anticipated! I worked on correct standing posture, practiced some voice and breath exercises, and attempted a few lines of Rocket Man.

I’m going back again on Friday, and then after that weekly. My teacher is really great at making me feel comfortable singing and at explaining things. I felt 100% more in my body than I had for a while. I often feel centred in my skull. Marvy.

The foods

Last night I wasn’t feeling well, so I went and had someone else make dinner for me, also known as a restaurant. Apparently other people were feeling the same on this Monday, because my little neighbourhood restaurant was full of women, in their 80s and 90s, sitting alone at tables, regarding the other patrons and saying, “eet smakelijk,” (eat taste like/bon appetite) at just the right time.

The couple that owns this restaurant are very sweet and it feels like you’re eating at their house. The chef came out to see if I wanted nutmeg on my side of cauliflower. Yes, please! I had sole meunière as the main.

Then, a 3-country Skype!

Wandering at night, because I can

If you look you can find beauty.

Spent the morning in the house doing things like going through accumulated stacks of paper and checking things off of a list. Ventured outside to the movie house to watch yet another film, Adam, from the travelling Movies That Matter Festival.

After the movie, I got myself pleasantly lost by turning random corners until I recognised something familiar and headed on home for some grocery shopping and snacky dinner.

Bryan asked me if I get the Sunday evening blues, and no, I don’t. It’s all the same for me here, living alone. I just do different things during the week than on the weekends. I like my job, so I like going to work. I like exploring, so I like having the tons of free time on the weekends. If I was at home and had the stability of a 9-5 job there, like I do here, I would be doing and feeling the same.

Prevention is the best medicine

I just spent 75 minutes in the office of an acupuncturist who smelled a bit of cigarettes. He did all of the usual pulse-taking and needle-putting and then when I thought I’d have a bit of a rest, he massages my head and face vigorously for 45 minutes. I feel divine and the lung thing I went in for seems to have been relieved.

I’m about to see a movie, Drama Girl but before that, a snack.


Today I got off early, as I do on Fridays, and so I am going to see a movie. The film is in three different languages but I think I can grasp the meaning or at least appreciate the visuals. My first of his movies. A treat.

Edit: Well the movie was crazy. 3 hours long, and the parts in French and English amounted to no more than 10 words. So I spent close to three hours watching a movie that was 95% dialogue-heavy in Swedish with Dutch subtitles, and I honestly have no idea what the movie was about. Bonus: it was full of gorgeous shots and photographic direction.

Photo credit: Skeppssättningen Noaks ark på gravfältet på Karum alvar (Raä-nr Högsrum 83:1) i Högsrums socken, Borgholms kommun, Öland, Kalmar län, Sverige. By Achird 2008