Going back to Cali

First morning back we did tour of Corona Heights with C & D, got buzzed by a Coyote near the … More

Last day

Last day of teaching before vacation. Prepped and ready for my next students.

Order out of chaos

Started out teaching with a lively group of teenagers who were so sweet. Then on to my tutee out in … More


We got through 25% of a game of Scythe with our fellow game-loving friend Cedric. 3 hours, including learning. Loved … More

Planning ahead

In my experience planning for the worst does have some benefits. My first student isn’t until 10:00, but I left … More


We didn’t have Thanksgiving this year, but our friend Marion brought us over this handmade sash and a squash pie. … More

Saturday in Bayonne

Discovered Rue St. Catherine. Beautiful day with B. Exploring the quarter we don’t usually see.

Brief excursion

Got to see our tutors last night at a fundraiser/Basque film fest event in town. Lively!