Dream job

Going to The Hague for an interview for my dream job. I’m positive there is some stiff competition, but the … More


Coming off of three weeks of being sick. Just me though, which is good. Kids haven’t got it yet, but … More


Sagrada and 7 Wonders. No photo: Time Arena


I’m making a presentation on Sunday on something I like and get, but that I don’t own yet. Learning. Understanding. … More

Eating machine

Impromptu Ikea dinner. He ate 3 hot dogs, fries and his sister’s fries. 15 is all about growing.

Let’s see what these do

Adventures in French pharmaceuticals. Update:  45 minutes later…magic. Update:  4 hours later.  Help?! Update:  5 hours later. Back where I … More


It’s super cold here, so B and I have been “sleeping” in the living-room. “Sleeping” because we’re all horribly jet-lagged … More