Wandering at night, because I can

If you look you can find beauty.

Spent the morning in the house doing things like going through accumulated stacks of paper and checking things off of a list. Ventured outside to the movie house to watch yet another film, Adam, from the travelling Movies That Matter Festival.

After the movie, I got myself pleasantly lost by turning random corners until I recognised something familiar and headed on home for some grocery shopping and snacky dinner.

Bryan asked me if I get the Sunday evening blues, and no, I don’t. It’s all the same for me here, living alone. I just do different things during the week than on the weekends. I like my job, so I like going to work. I like exploring, so I like having the tons of free time on the weekends. If I was at home and had the stability of a 9-5 job there, like I do here, I would be doing and feeling the same.

Published by mmeprice

Je suis une flâneuse.


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