Today I got off early, as I do on Fridays, and so I am going to see a movie. The film is in three different languages but I think I can grasp the meaning or at least appreciate the visuals. My first of his movies. A treat.

Edit: Well the movie was crazy. 3 hours long, and the parts in French and English amounted to no more than 10 words. So I spent close to three hours watching a movie that was 95% dialogue-heavy in Swedish with Dutch subtitles, and I honestly have no idea what the movie was about. Bonus: it was full of gorgeous shots and photographic direction.

Photo credit: Skeppssättningen Noaks ark på gravfältet på Karum alvar (Raä-nr Högsrum 83:1) i Högsrums socken, Borgholms kommun, Öland, Kalmar län, Sverige. By Achird 2008

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Je suis une flâneuse.


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