Time divided

Time is the most important resource I have.

When one doesn’t have a lot of money, decisions about when and how time is used are influenced by external forces. The priority becomes using time to work to pay for food and other essentials. Survival mixes with the drive to better one’s circumstances.

While we’re cobbling together enough each month to get by over here, our backgrounds and education give us confidence to know that eventually, after this transition period, we will make something more solid arise. Not every person has the luxury of confidence. I’m eager for that time to arrive but I can relax knowing my family has healthcare, can eat well, be educated, and be surrounded daily by beauty.

We are lucky lucky lucky immigrants. Our skin is the right color, we come from the right country, we know how to navigate systems and blend in. We have been welcomed and supported by the members of our new community.

Every white American’s relatives came over on a boat with the same goals of bettering life for their children. They created communities where they could speak their language and spend time with people they could relate to, those with similar backgrounds, cultures, and experiences. They were prosperous and their children are part of what America is today.

New groups of people are coming to North America. People who are just like you and me. People who want the same things for their families and who can’t stay where they are coming from for reasons more dire than exploration and change. Let these people come. Let all the people come and add to and make better our nation.



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