8 haircuts

For my 50th birthday, I’m giving myself (thanks Bry) a new haircut every 6 weeks.  I’m tired of the dark and the really long.  I never get to enjoy the length because it’s always so huge because of the humidity, and I’m getting tired of coloring it every month because I have a grey stripe down the center of my head.  So I’m getting all the haircuts I’ve ever wanted, based on either cuteness, or admiration for the women who have had them.

1. Bettie Page bangs.  I’ve thought about bangs for literally 10 years.  So I’m going for it.

2. Jane Birkin’s bangy-straight shag

3. Patti Smith’s iconic rock and roll haircut

4. Blondie’s blonde

5.  Louise Brooks bob

6.  Amelie’s shorter bob

7. Dame Judi Dench’s pixie cut

8.  Sinead O’Connor to start all over with whatever is under there.




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