Rentrée, for adults too

Yesterday was the gathering of all the town’s associations. Local sport, language, dance, art organizations, all set up their tables at the municipal gym and folks get to walk around, talk to the groups, get info and sign up for the year.

This year I have more flexibility with my schedule, so I will do a beginner’s running group on Friday evenings, marche Nordique on Mondays or Saturdays, and couture, or sewing during the week, and of course, games three times a month.

I have a dress I like but it’s too short and I’m not in love with the material, so I’m going to dismantle it to make a pattern, and then replicate it in a bunch of different colors and fabrics. That’s the plan, anyway.

Getting myself organized for the new (and second to last) semester of my MLIS program, new job teaching English 2-3 times a month to post-h.s. students, as well as the other petits boulots I’ve been doing.

Our language lessons will start up again and our dance class too. Now that I write this, maybe I’m being a bit too excited about all the options.

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