Falling down

Yesterday my wonderful friend Lialie and I went to Gatelugatxe which is just outside of Bilbao and is where part of GoT is filmed.

Bryan and the kids and I had been there in the winter when we were the only people around. Today it was a pilgrimage of thousands and it was sunny and hot.

About 100 meters from the top we stopped to help a boy who was overheating, and whose dad had sat him down to rest. As L pulled some water from her bag to offer to the boy, I waited above her on a stair and began to feel faint, fighting the wave of white and then gold that was taking over my vision. Whelp, I lost that battle, and the next thing I knew I was on my face on the stairs. I struggled to stand up, passed out again and fell backwards into the railing, practically launching myself over and down the cliff. According to L, a man helped her rescue me and sit me down.

Long story short, I’m fine. I was a combination of dehydrated and too hot. I made it to the top, drank a couple of these lovely refreshing vitamin-water-esque drinks, rang the bell, made it back to the car, and spent a couple hours at the Guggenheim before driving home.

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