IMG_2793 2This morning I spent three hours in a group informational meeting, on the off chance I can become a substitute teacher here in the 64.  I introduced myself without too much of a problem.  I participated in a group discussion and brainstorming, and I listened to someone recount interesting stories and relay information about teaching, that I completely understood, and could relate to.  I nodded in agreement, I laughed at jokes.  I am finally at a place where I am translating very little in my head as it enters, because the language now washes over me, and by some miracle I understand it.

Later that day, we had our French lesson, and I have now graduated from learning Futur/Futur Proche, Present, and Passe Compose and have moved on to Imparfait, Conditional, and Subjonctif.  I comfortably conversed with our tutor, and I told her I felt proud.  I do.  I am proud to have come this far learning a language.  If I can put in another three years, I think I could actually become bilingual.  This has always been a dream of mine.



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