Pushing Through

So much done today, and I’m sick.  Worked alone most of the morning; had an experience of what it is like to be a person in another nation.  So strange to be an emigrant, hopeful immigrant.

Went to quiet Cambo for laundry duty and navigated the Monday afternoon rush.  All done.

Helped Bryan study for the code.

Stopped to make an appointment for an oil change for the Citröen, which we have named “The TARDIS” because of its sparkling-blue color.

A friend came by for coffee and a chat.  She admired our tree and newly-rearranged living room.  “Il y a beaucoup des petites places.”  I think she’s marvelous.

Enlightening French lesson:  We are a part of this community and we have allies and friends here.  Learning to live with not being anonymous.

Bought toilet paper and a house frau cleaning smock.  It’s mostly black.

Talked to I. about not trying to get a classmate in trouble even if they’re doing something wrong, just because you don’t like them.

Ate bread and butter for dinner because I didn’t like the soup I picked out.  Ate store-bought Riz au Lait.  Watched videos on Nowness for an art fix.

Introduced B. to Rookie.

Sitting in the warm corner and about to brace the cold wing of the house so I can get in bed and watch some Narcos.




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