La Practique

This man is a new friend.

screen-shot-2016-09-19-at-13-49-31This Thursday I take my behind the wheel driving test, which consists of twenty-five minutes of driving, and answering two from a list of possible 99 verbal questions regarding the vehicle’s interior and exterior.  When researching what those questions might be for the borrowed vehicle I’ll be in for the test, I came across this fine fellow who has a whole series of videos devoted to helping YOU pass la practique.  The most valuable for me are the videos that mimic an examen blanc (do we have a word for that?) and the 5-video series reviewing the test rubric step-by-step.  Watching these has helped me to relax and feel more confident.

To pass the practical I have to receive at least 20 points out of the 29 possible and I can be awarded a total of two bonus points for driving politely and/or in an ecologically-minded fashion.  I can’t imagine being marked “Insuffisant,” I’ve been driving for 30 years without an accident (touch wood), but anything is possible.

I wonder if we would have less traffic accidents in the US if we had the same process.  To get my first license, I drove around Los Gatos for 10 minutes and only got points taken off for not curbing my wheels on a flat surface.  I was 18.  Oh la.



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