img_6800The “Rentrée” is a real event, and all ages participate.  It’s like the September issue of Vogue, “Back to School,” and New Year’s Day resolutions all rolled into one.   Even before I was in education, Fall always felt like the beginning of the new year, which may have something to do with it coinciding with both the changing of the seasons and my birthday.  There’s more energy, new cycles begin, new cultural calendars are created.  Rebirth.  It feels stronger to me here because I’m paying closer attention to what happens in my community in ways other than as a worker and a parent.

Summer will not leave us unnoticed.  It’s going to be 37º today; the forecast shows 30º and storms tomorrow, with a rapid decrease into the 20s and then lowering.  I was prepared for several days of a 40º+ summer, but gratefully that never happened.  We survived.  During the winter when it was freezing in here, I could never imagine what it would be like to be hot in this apartment.  Now, looking back, my memories of it being too cold are also unimaginable.  At 6:45 this morning, I opened up the house and turned on the fan.  In about an hour, after the breeze stops, I’ll close up the shutters and the windows and stop moving.  These preparations will keep it to about 25º in here, and Bryan and I will work quietly, and move about like moles in the dark until we can open up the house to the cooling night air.





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