Tomorrow I do my second round driving test.  Not excited, but feeling more ready than last time.  To be honest, I have instincts, but there are a lot of little things I was not aware of and do not have memorized fully, so think it may take me a couple more times to pass.   Gratefully I have a little iPhone app that I take a load of sample tests on, and I learn a lot from the trial and error practice.  I know so much more about the specifics of the road than I did when I started, and I am thankful for that.  I’ve got a couple of weeks of driving left before my time expires.

Friday we leave on a short-ish road trip, direction Amsterdam.  We’ll be stopping in Bruges, Belgium, home of all our favorite things:  Chocolate, beer, french fries, and waffles. Then off to Amsterdam for a couple of days, plus a visit to the Efteling theme park, which is supposed to be what Disneyland was modeled after (Thanks for the recommendation, John!).  We’re not telling the kids about the theme park, because it is still REALLY fun to surprise them with stuff like that.  Shhhhhh.

We’ll be camping, and it will be raining, so we’ll see how it all goes.  Very excited to visit these two countries, and hope to take in a few more while we’re here.  If you have any suggestions about what we should see when we are in either Belgium or the Netherlands (or the north of France), do tell.  I’ve watched a couple of Rick Steves videos, which has given me some ideas, but it’s always nice to hear about cool hidden treasures from people you know.



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