The Atlantic is Romantic

IMG_7992I swam in the ocean today with kids and a cool French woman.  When we got to the coast it was foggy, but not San Francisco foggy, I explained to her.  The fog was warm.  The water was warmer so we stuck around.  Our persistence was eventually rewarded with sun.

It’s a great beach on the border of Bidart and Biarritz, called Ilbaritz.  The barrier of rocks, about 100 yards/meters out, slows down the waves and at low-ish tide the rock circles inside of the reef form a collection of swimming pools.

The waves were soft and slope-y; the water was clear and blue, the ocean floor soft and sandy.  I happily floated about in that perfection for a good 45 minutes, which makes a total of 10 or so times I’ve actually swam in an ocean.

Afterwards, lunch at our favorite Bidart bakery, La Licorne, and home for a nap and more driver’s test studying.  Things are becoming clearer.



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