My name is Boxy

I love this, but I don’t fully understand it.  What appears to be a minimalist, plywood-constructed, literally stilted housing community, is hidden up in the heights of Bayonne.  I am intrigued.

The larger panels of plywood can be opened to reveal floor to ceiling windows.  When the panels are closed, the small rectangles let just a bit of light in.

Why are these houses here, among all the regular high-rise apartment buildings?  Who built them?  Why are they built in this manner?  What is the relationship between the homeowners?  Is this an intentional community?  When were they built?  What is the name of the development?  What do they look like with all their panels open?  Do the homeowners synchronize the opening and closing of the panels?  What did it cost to construct the homes?  Are there other homes like this in the area?  In France?  In the world?

I couldn’t find anything about them online, but I did find these, which look to be quite similar.



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