Art Saves Me

“Art Saves Me” has been my slogan ever since I got it on a Bumbershoot t-shirt back in 2003, but before I ever found it, it was truer than true.  In my youth it was literature, teens it was music and photography, 20s it was film, architecture and performance art, in my 30s mid-century modern and literature, and now, well probably all of the above.  Last week I went on my own to Paris to meet up with a friend, and to do a bit of investigating about a potential long-term gig.  I took advantage of a little free time and went to the Pompidou Center, which I think is in my top three modern art museums in the world (I haven’t been to enough of them to be sure).  I’m not a look at every single painting type of person – I know what I like and when it hits me I stop and investigate.  Photos of paintings never do them justice, but I like to collect them just the same – as a memory and a reminder of the feelings I had while looking at them.



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