I wonder where the birdies is…

IMG_1598Today there was sun.  It has been a while.  Everyone was happy and smiling, and greeting each other warmly.  It’s 8:00 and I didn’t have to turn on the very expensive heater once today.  In fact, I optimistically had the windows open while cooking dinner.

I walked a country road in nearby Ayherre where the view in each direction was painting-worthy.  Here it is beautiful and green, every shade of green, and it changes as you move through the landscape.  There was a little inkling of spring on the roadside trees; the leaves are starting to return.

There was also a very exciting lesson at the Croix Rouge today.  I learned the valuable use of pronouns, which makes my French sound far less “academic” (ha ha) and more the way normal people speak:

I say it. – Je le dis.

I say it to him. – Je le lui dis.

I said it. – Je l’ai dit.

I said it to him. – Je le lui ai dit.

I don’t say it. – Je ne le dis pas.

I don’t say it to him. – Je ne le lui dis pas.

I didn’t say it. – Je ne l’ai pas dit.

I didn’t say it to him. – Je ne le lui ai rein dit.

It’s like math, and it has a pattern, which we humans seek out and appreciate.  I have another French lesson tomorrow, where I’ll review all this, refine and practice.  I truly enjoy learning a language.  It is the perfect amount of intellectual challenge for me at this moment.



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