House for all

IMG_1550Once a week we go play games at a local community center.  We play what are called “jeux de societe” which doesn’t really translate, but it’s those elaborate board games with a billion pieces that require the ability to strategize.  I have always held an interest for these games, but had never taken the time to learn to play any of them.  The guys at the center (and they are all guys, sauf que B and me) are AMAZINGLY friendly, open, warm, and giving of their time and knowledge.  A really cool guy named David brings games to teach us, and so far we have learned to play about nine different games.  Our current favorites are 7 Wonders and L’Âge de Pierre (Stone Age), but we have loved all of them.

Pictured above is I. and his friend I. from school.  After we all “taught” I#2 how to play 7 Wonders there was some time left over so I#1 taught I#2 how to play chess.  It was a tie.  Very sweet.

After driving back to the country through the pouring rain, and dropping I#2 off at his house with his super kind parents, we ordered pizza, ate, and did our taxes.  Draft #1 done, too much coffee in the brain, so doing the do here online.  Bon nuit a tous.


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