There are seasons here, and I can feel them. Winter is biting.  We’re cold in even in the house.  In the morning it’s so cold it’s like we’re camping and we don’t want to get out of the tent.  Cold.  In the Bay Area I knew what to expect, nothing drastic, so I didn’t pay… Read More Seasons

House for all

Once a week we go play games at a local community center.  We play what are called “jeux de societe” which doesn’t really translate, but it’s those elaborate board games with a billion pieces that require the ability to strategize.  I have always held an interest for these games, but had never taken the time… Read More House for all


This kind of thing can happen pretty quickly.  Even though I am being ultra frugal and learning to be conscious of our consumption of stuff, the junk drawer has made its way into our house.  It’s a small drawer, so I was able to get sort through the pile pretty quickly, separating items that are… Read More Stuff