A lovely woman helped me out at the doctors’ office about a month ago, and very shortly after I ran into her at the grocery store.  We exchanged numbers then,  and this afternoon we had coffee and a walk about town.  She lives nearby in an even smaller town, having access to only a bakery and restaurant, so she knows a lot about this one since she comes here for groceries.  “Have you seen the stone?” she asked, and led me to a wall I have passed at least a dozen times.  There, encased in glass, was stone from the 4th century (!!!!) that had been found in the church when they renovated it.  She then led me down the street to the local library and community center, which I had never seen before and that the kids will be thrilled with.  Afterwards we drove up to a chapel and had a look around.  It was old, and small, and beautifully tiled, with arching stained glass, and a rounded area at the back.  She dropped me back off at the visitor’s center, and invited us around for coffee and a galette des rois this Sunday at 3:00.




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