Two and One

Two cool things I’ve discovered about France recently are this:

Les volets (Shutters) – I’m convinced that there is some elaborate way of managing the shutters on a house that I am not privy to.  We close the ones on the ground floor for privacy at night, and to keep the heat in.  We leave the ones on the upper floor open all the time, except during big storms, when we close them to protect the shutters from banging against the house.  I often look down the road at the neighbor’s to see what she’s doing, but there doesn’t seem to be any rhyme or reason to the openings and closings.  The walls themselves are almost two-feet thick here, so I doubt the volets have any impact on the insulation.  However, I am still curious and wish there was some way of finding out the pros and cons of their openings and shuttings.

Queuing up – At the doctor’s office and the post office there aren’t any lines, and in many other places too.  One day at the doctor’s office, after being told to sit in the waiting room, I  noticed the Dr. would just come in, and someone would stand up and follow him out.  It took me about 2-3 people to realize that upon entry, everyone takes note of who is in the room, and when those people have been called in, then you’re next.  I hadn’t really been paying attention, so I had to ask someone if they had arrived before me, to which she responded that I was next.



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