Saturdays are fun

IMG_9758We had a wonderful Saturday, even though 50% of us are not feeling tip top.   We started out trying to find out where the mystery water came from that ended up on the floor and in our laptops and iPads.  Still a mystery, but it’s cleaning up okay.  We’re letting one of the laptops dry out, inverted with its back removed, and we’ll see if that helps at all.

IMG_9746After searching for a tiny screwdriver, we headed to IKEA where they were having a 5 Euro Xmas tree sale.  You buy a tree for 24.99 and then you get a gift card from IKEA for 20 Euro to spend after December 26.  Since mostly we’ll be furnishing our new apartment from there, that was a deal we couldn’t refuse.

It was a quick trip, so we put our tree in the car, and drove to town for our (now) weekly board game club.  Today we played Black Fleet, with a man who was super excited to explain it to us, and another guy who was willing to play with a couple of kids and two adults who have difficulty communicating – sweet, both of them.  David explained, and we played the whole game both entirely in French.  Isaac won!  This was a nice feeling, and good evidence that our French is getting better all around.

For dinner we went to the E.Leclerc grocery store in Urrugne that we took the kids to when they were two.  It’s pretty much exactly the same, with a cafeteria-style plan, and comfort food.

Now we are home, and the kids are in bed.  We’re both tap tapping away with plans to turn in soon since we’re both feeling pretty crappy.

Happy Saturday U.S.





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