Nothing really


I was sick in bed all day.  Here are a couple of photos from recent trips around the way.

It was a stormy Sunday in Biarritz.  We went downtown for burgers, but instead ended up at delicious pizza.  After the pizza we went for a walk along the path at the beach, and out across a bridge that leads to a small island.  A few moments later, Isaac got splashed by a very large wave.  All in good fun.


On that same day on our way back to the car, we came across a man doing slack rope walking over a small beach.  In the summer it looks like it would be a fun place to swim.


On Sundays most things close around 1:00, and we hadn’t got our bread for dinner yet.  We saw this baguette vending machine outside one of the bakeries we go to when we are in that neighborhood.  1 Euro and a nice fresh-ish baguette comes from the slot on the left, marked “ici.”  Fabulous.


And these are some boots I purchased here for the rainy weather.

Hoping tomorrow I can breathe through my nose, and that both kids and Bryan are healthy.



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