I realized if I’m going to keep this blog, I will need to do a little writing every day.  So here we go:

I’ve got a cold, a French cold, so I don’t know how long it will stick around or how severe it’s going to get.  Hoping that it’s mellow and that I (who’s got one too) is also not the recipient of a major illness.

Today we slept in and then went to St. Jean de Luz for a Vide Grenier that benefits the gym where B. does parkour.  We bought a pleather jacket for I., a couple of shiny things for B., and a set of 6 espresso cups and plates with a rack so we can keep it on the counter, all for a total of 13 Euros.

bdSince 50% of us aren’t feeling well, we came home to chill out.  I. read, B. explored the yard, Bryan shaved his mo-vember moustache, and I swept and raked the front yard.  I’m going to miss that moustache, it was fun to look at.

In the evening we built a fire, I made a dinner of dry, oven-baked chicken breasts with mushrooms and barley.  Chicken breasts are super versatile, but they are hard to keep moist.  We Skyped with T., Auntie and Dave, and then with the grandparents, did some more reading all around while Bryan finished up work, and now we’re all turned in.  Bryan and I are going to watch the next episode of Fargo, which we’re really into, and then I’ll drift off into a fitful night of peri-menopausal sleep.  Gratefully, I make up for all that waking up by getting to sleep later than 5:00 these days.  So very grateful, my heart and body are finally starting to heal up.




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