I like going to the grocery store.

At first I was disoriented, and not really sure what to make, or where the ingredients were in the store, or how much food we would go through.  I just looked for what I was used to buying, but when I realized that 75% of that was not in the market, I branched out.  I go two times a week, and buy a lot of vegetables, dairy, and fish.  We were eating a lot of ham and sausage, but after that report about the meat and the cancer, we only have ham occasionally now – in a crepe or a sandwich.  Salad is an every dinner and every lunch event, and I have become fond of putting a poached egg on the top.

I cook dinner every night now and even make up recipes on my own, which is totally new for me.  The New York Times’ Cooking on Facebook posts a lot of tasty-looking, simple recipes, and have attempted one of their dinner ideas: the chicken from this recipe, which I mistakenly cooked in olive oil.  I thought the cooking oil type didn’t matter, but now I know better.  I filled the house with a bunch of smoke, set off the fire alarm, and burned half the chicken.  Going to try it again; I will prevail!  There’s also  this Chicken Meunière from them too that looks worthy of an attempt.

I could literally spend hours in the store looking at all the different products, and our little local supermarket is tame compared the really big ones, that are more like Targets.  One of them is appropriately named Géant, which means “giant.”  We were at the Geant last week, and have become entranced by those affordable home espresso machines.  They have eco ones that don’t use the plastic containers.  Bryan and I are probably going to break down and buy one – this is a real possibility, and a scary one knowing my inability to understand the concept of moderation.

It’s about 75ºC out today, and I type this from the table on the patio.

Photo on 11.10.15 at 15.28



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