Grenoble to Venice

We spent the night in Grenoble as a half-way stop to Venice where we are meeting UJ and AM.  It was chilly, but our hotel was warm and toasty, and we all had great showers.  Full disclosure:  Since it was as stopover and we arrived late, we did not get to see the beauty of the town as shown in the picture, but saw the inside of the mall across the street from our stadium hotel and ate at McDonald’s.

When planning to get from Grenoble to Venice, I had visions of a winding, twisty, dangerous road, and was relieved to see that we were to navigate the alps at about 4,500 feet by going through a series of well-planned tunnels.  It was gorgeous.  It was beyond gorgeous.  I have never seen anything like these mountains, or this scenery.  We drove through the canyons, past rivers, and waterfalls, and picturesque Alpine villages made of stone and wood, and past the fall-colored trees.  I tried to capture the beauty of what I was seeing, but it was impossible, so I just gave up and enjoyed the view.

When we got through the Frejus tunnel, we were in Italy, and realized we know absolutely zero Italian.  Why this didn’t occur to us before now, I do not know.  Driving is fast and loose with the rules, and miraculously it all seems to work.  Everyone is present, with driving as the primary activity happening in the car – no texting, no taking on the phone, pure focus and speed and Ferraris.



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