Weekend trips

We try to take trips every weekend.  Sometimes low-tech, simple, sometimes extravagant and far-flung.  Here are some photos of places nearby deep in the Basque country-side that we’ve gone to visit.

We drove to the town of Bidache to see a decaying chateau we spotted off the road, and then walked among the remains of the walls that used to wall in the city.  It’s so old, it’s like pre-France old.  After Bidache we stopped for lunch in La Bastide Clairence, where we sat outside in the beautiful warmish fall day and had tasty lunches and coffees.  Afterward, we drove to find some grottes (caves) to check out.  We found some back in the far reaches of the valley in a town called Isturitz/Isturits.  It’s not tourist season anymore, so the tour group consisted of an older French couple, and us.  The caves were cool (literally) and huge, and with wall carvings!



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