It’s the Pau Anime Game Show!!!

Sunday we went to the Pau Anime Game Show, in Pau, which is the capital of this department.  It was rad.  Super rad.  The kids had a total blast.  I’m not sure how to describe it, because I hadn’t been to anything like it in the US before, but it was dream come true for I. and B.  There were free video games, pinball, Nintendo DS games; cosplay, performances, karaoke, Japanese food; booths with Manga, wigs, cosmetic contact lenses, memorabilia, and internet-famous web stars.  At one booth advertising an Anime University, the kids had their pictures drawn anime-style, by an American-educated student from Ghana.

After spending several hours at PAGS, we explored a little more of Pau, by visiting the birthplace of Henri IV.  There we took a highly-detailed tour of his chateau, and played a lot of I-spy, as the lengthy tour was entirely in French.  Je vous en prie.



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