B. is a warrior


What a wonderful Saturday it was…We slept in until 9:00, had coffee and read in bed, and then I got up, drove into Hasparren and picked up my BANK CARD!!!  I’ve been waiting for three weeks and it is finally here.  Very stoked.  I got some bread and croissants and came back for breakfast.  Bryan and I. worked on building a cardboard version of a Lego battle-bot that I. designed, B. read, and I cleaned house a bit.  While cleaning I heard, “Meeeeegan,” in a someone-has-cut-themselves-and-it-won’t-stop-bleeding tone, and ran out into the living room.  “Look!”  I looked out the window to see a herd of about 50 sheep that had escaped from the farm up the road, and were excitedly grazing in our yard.  We watched them for a bit and then B. and I ran up the hill and found a neighbor, asking him if he knew the house that the sheep belonged to.  He pointed us up to the house on the left, telling us the woman there was a renter, but that she might know where the owner was.  We ran up further, knocked on her door, but she couldn’t help us.  We ran back down and the first neighbor and I brainstormed how we might fix the situation – Call the mayor?  The police?  We were at a loss.

I ran back down the hill to our house and saw that the sheep had moved into the neighbor’s yard, getting dangerously closer to the highway at the end of our drive.  B. decided to take matters into her own hands and ran behind the neighbor’s house, herding the sheep further into the yard, and then telling me where to stand, she herded them down the drive and up back into our yard.  She then skillfully drove them up further, back up into the farm from which they came, and they ran off onto the property into the distance.  We noticed that they had escaped by breaking through the electric fence.  Bryan repaired the fence, and we headed back down to the house for lunch.  About 15 minutes later the frantic sheep owner arrived, so Bryan went to explain what happened.  All good.


After lunch there was more reading, a nap, and then we went to meet up with our friends from St. Pée sur Nivelle for coffee, which was very nice.

We came home, sat in the yard while the kids played, made dinner and watched some awesome, quality French TV.  There’s a big moon out tonight and we’re all feeling pretty content.

Tomorrow, Pau Anime Game Show. IMG_7835


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