Initial observations

A.  On the A63 highway, there are those digital signs that update drivers on road conditions, drive times, accidents, etc.  I was tooling along, obeying the speed limit when a notice flashed up:  [license plate number] Trop Vite! (Too Fast!) – I looked in the rearview mirror and saw a car coming up behind me with the aforementioned plate number.  Wow.  I wonder if the driver will get a ticket in the mail?

B.  We came over with some cash so we would have money at hand during the time before we opened a bank account.  It was in larger bills, so I went into our bank to make change.  This was a more complex process than I was expecting:

  1. Fill in a deposit slip.
  2. Deposit the money in my account.
  3. Get a temporary cash card.
  4. Go the ATM to withdraw the money
  5. Select in what denomination I would like the bills.
  6. Graciously thank the bankers for their assistance.

This is smart because it appears there is no cash in the building that is not in the ATM.  It would be a tiresome procedure for a bank robber to have x number of cash cards created and then have to enter them in, one after the other.

C.  Plugging into society here is tighter than it was ten years ago.  When we tried to pay for our car in cash, they pointed to a sign on the wall that stated no cash over 1000 Euros would be allowed.  This is a new law to prevent people from spending illegally-earned money in France.  I get it.


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