JDR is RPG, and GN is LARP

The kids “find their people.”

In searching for LARP in France, I discovered EDIL, which is an organization supporting Jeu de Role (JDR) or Role Playing Games (RPG).   The person I communicated with was the president of the organization, and he was helpful in pointing me the right direction to get more info about LARP which is called GN (Grandeur de Nature) here.  EDIL just happened to be having an event this weekend and we decided to go.

We drove two hours to Bordeaux, which we totally didn’t mind doing because of the stellar rest stops. W’EDIL was held in a community center in a public housing complex, which was cool and urban and very different from where we are staying out here in the country.

Amazingly realistic foam weapons and leather costuming were for sale, pirates and CosPlay (Costume Play) enthusiasts put on short dramas, RPG board, card, and miniature games were being played – all spread out in little salons.  Bryan, the kids, and I played Troll Ball outside, which was described to us as a cross between rugby, American football and Capture the Flag but with a fake troll’s head instead of a ball.  We played  video games, and watched some of the conferences/round tables.  They also had a little cantine, so we were able to grab lunch and coffee while we were there.

Pirates being pirates.
The kids and a pretty, dark, angel play video games.
Bryan-zilla is attacking the city!
Weaponry and clothing for JDR.
These women made their own costumes! They were rad.

Everyone was welcoming and friendly and spoke with us in English and French.  They took time to explain the event and include us in the day’s activities.  These were absolutely the most friendly strangers I think I have ever met.  They shared information on upcoming events:  PAGS, TGS, PMS, Comic Con Paris, all of which we will try to get to in the next few months.  The events are accessible and affordable, and it feels like a nice community of people.  When EDIL is not hosting events, they have a meeting space where people come together to play games, right in the heart of Bordeaux.  We’re planning to make a trip to check out some of the comic book shops, and head in to the space to play a few games with the group.

After Bordeaux we headed back home and stopped off in Vieux Boucau for dinner crepes, after driving through the beautiful pine forests of Les Landes.  This is also the town where Bryan and I honeymooned back in 2002.

After dinner stroll in Vieux Boucau.

The kids were super happy, and had a great day.  To top it off, when we got home their friend Camilo Skyped with them, making this the best day ever!

Camilo’s on the other end of the wire.


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