Oh what fun!


Today while having coffee with a friend, I got a phone call from the school.   I. had fallen, and hurt his wrist, and would I come and pick him up to take him to the doctor.  When I got to the school (I was 30 km away on the other side of the valley), he was unhappy, but doing okay.  The nurse and the English teacher explained to me that I could take him to the medical center in town, rather than the emergency room in the city, and that they would call ahead for me, to let them know I was coming.  The English teacher let me know where to go, and I found it easily after her directions.  We don’t have French health insurance, which means we have to pay full price for everything, and then ask to be reimbursed by our health insurance company.  Note:  They didn’t even ask us about insurance until after we had had both the appointment, and the x-ray.  He’s got a bruised wrist; it’s not broken (as evidenced above), and he’s been prescribed the equivalent of Advil and Tylenol.  It’s all good, except no PE for three weeks.


X-ray:  35.64

Dr.’s visit:  23.00

Medication and brace:  61.00

Well done, France.  Well done.



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