Happily taking the recycling down.
Evening light, with wine.

There was nothing fabulous about today – but it was perfect nonetheless.  All our “have tos” here are done:  House, car, bank account, insurances, school, so now we can really enjoy being here.

Kids had a late start so we all got to sleep in until 8:00 – nice.  After drop-off, Bryan took the car and went surfing for the first time this visit, and I stayed home to do some organizing, cleaning, and I watched a little Netflix.

When we bought the car yesterday, we didn’t have any cash to give them for the registration, so after Bryan got home we went back to the car lot to do that, and get the new hubcaps that were promised.

After dropping off the registration money, we went to the mall (whoa) to look for the place were we could replace our license plates.  We didn’t find it, but the woman at the cafe we stopped at in the mall told us where to go.  We had each had two espressos and were feeling fine, so after a bit we did end up locating the shop, and felt pretty awesome about ourselves for doing so.

You can get new license plates at the French version of Les Schwab.  It costs 15 Euros for a pair of plates, and you don’t need an appointment.  While we were there, we picked up some racks for the car, so we can move about the continent in relative comfort.

Tomorrow we are going to San Sebastian in Spain.  We’ll explore the beach, and have lunch.  It’s gorgeous there, and I love that we live about 30 minutes from another country.


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