Many accomplishments today!

Two hours at the bank, and I now have car insurance, a bank account, a bank card, school insurance for the kids, and a giant stack of challenging to read French paperwork.

I have a laundry technique:  Wash the clothes the night before, dry them in the morning at the laundry park while I run errands in town.

Picked up the car!  Returned the rental!  We are the proud owners of a blue lemon – Citröen C4 – diesel 2008.

Had a long SST-like meeting with the kids’ teachers.  We are decreasing their school hours, while they work on improving their French and handwriting, with some of it being done at home.  They will have much shorter days of school, with some home-schooling by me and Wednesdays off completely, which means field trips!!!  It also means sleeping in until 8:00.  We are all happy about that.

When I think back to my usual working, wake-up time of 5:00, I wonder how I did it.


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