Ondres Plage

After a lovely, late evening, we got up early intending to go on a “coordinated hike” in a town that was not on the map.  We were so far out we missed the starting point, so we kept driving essentially making a huge circle in the valley.  Briscous – Bidache – St. Palais – St. Jean Pied de Port – Cambo les Bains – Hasparren – Briscous: Fields and fields of corn, beautiful Basque houses, road signage with the French names crossed out.  We ended up at home and soon realized we wanted to be outdoors.  We headed up to the beach in Les Landes, which is the next department North.  If the Pyrenees Atlantique is the “California of France,” then Les Landes is the Oregon, and beautiful – all piney and sandy beaches.

IMG_7372 2
The red is a cultural statement of where we are. The red and green of the landscape is captured in the Basque flag, and the allowable shutter options in the region.
IMG_7381 2
Lunch is simply bread, butter and ham, or turkey, or chicken, and/or cheese. To the beach!
IMG_7386 2
Sand and blue water, and sunscreen.
IMG_7387 2
Friendly waves, sharkless water.
IMG_7388 2
Close clouds.


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