There was nothing fabulous about today – but it was perfect nonetheless.  All our “have tos” here are done:  House, car, bank account, insurances, school, so now we can really enjoy being here. Kids had a late start so we all got to sleep in until 8:00 – nice.  After drop-off, Bryan took the car… Read More Friday


Many accomplishments today! Two hours at the bank, and I now have car insurance, a bank account, a bank card, school insurance for the kids, and a giant stack of challenging to read French paperwork. I have a laundry technique:  Wash the clothes the night before, dry them in the morning at the laundry park… Read More Whoa


Wake at 7:00, decaf.  Feed kids.  Drive kids to school at 8:10.  Drop kids at school at 8:20.  Stop at the bakery; pick up some bread/croissants.  Go to the hotel bar, drink a strong coffee.  Run errands.  Go home and eat.  Meditate.  Relax, do household stuff.  Eat lunch at 12:00ish, probably have a nap.  Leave… Read More Today

It’s not nachos

When I stayed with my parents, my dad taught be some basics of cooking, and I got a few good recipes under my belt.  So far it has been very hot, so we’ve been eating simple meals that revolve around bread.  Tomorrow it will stay in the 70s, so I’ll be fixing some gnocchi.