B. is a warrior

What a wonderful Saturday it was…We slept in until 9:00, had coffee and read in bed, and then I got … More

Chocolate in Espelette

Espelette is famous for its peppers, or Piment d’Espelette, but the kids and I went and visited a chocolate maker’s … More

Initial observations

A.  On the A63 highway, there are those digital signs that update drivers on road conditions, drive times, accidents, etc.  … More

Oh what fun!

Today while having coffee with a friend, I got a phone call from the school.   I. had fallen, and hurt … More

I love Spain

Today we went to San Sebastian or Donostia, in Spain, which is about 30 minutes from where we live.  We … More


There was nothing fabulous about today – but it was perfect nonetheless.  All our “have tos” here are done:  House, … More


Many accomplishments today! Two hours at the bank, and I now have car insurance, a bank account, a bank card, … More

Une Voiture

We are trying to buy a car.  This one: She’s a lovely blue 2008 Citroën with under 100k miles.  We … More


Wake at 7:00, decaf.  Feed kids.  Drive kids to school at 8:10.  Drop kids at school at 8:20.  Stop at … More

Ondres Plage

After a lovely, late evening, we got up early intending to go on a “coordinated hike” in a town that … More

Die Fledermaus

We went to Guethary for dinner, to meet up with a German colleague of Bryan’s. Parallel lives: Both work for … More

School’s Out

How delightful.  This track is the kids’ school bell, followed by a stream of 500 middle school students being let … More

It’s not nachos

When I stayed with my parents, my dad taught be some basics of cooking, and I got a few good … More