The early days

We’ve been in France for four nights and three days.  To reflect, those preliminaries served us well.  The only exception being that third bag, which we were going to send over as a box, was reaaaaaaally heavy getting from the baggage check to the rental car.  It was all extremely smooth, and unbelievably easy.

Our first day of driving was a little rougher.  We had a long jet-laggy trip from Paris to Briscous, so we could get to the house before the landlord left Briscous to head back to Paris.  Due to the jet lag, we fell into some trouble with the first car, and had to make a switch in Bordeaux.  We ended up getting to Briscous at 9:00 pm, having left Paris at 7:00 am.  It was supposed to have been a 7-hour drive.

At the first of our rest stops (which are stellar here) we had breakfast, and I cried.  I couldn’t believe I was here – tasting delicious coffee and having a good croissant with butter and jam, that I bought at a freaking REST STOP, it all came rushing in.  We made it alive, and we are going to be able to share all these awesome moments with the kids.



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