My days feel different when I don’t have to teach.  I can focus my mind on other things.  I don’t obsess, but I feel like there’s definitely a different feeling – like I can’t focus until that more important thing is completed.  It’s a lot of effort to be interesting.  Afterward, I feel tired, after expending all that energy.  But it’s good, and so far I like it.  It would of course be better if I didn’t have to do it, but that’s not an option. 

Aaaaaaaaanyway…That’s just one part of the day.  The other parts:

Came home and ran on the beach.  Not being very mindful, I twisted my foot walking across the Great Highway.  I ran in spite of it – it was gorgeous out – but about 40 minutes in, my foot started throbbing so I stopped and walked home.  No swelling, or redness to speak of, but it does feel a little tender.  While running, I spotted Bryan surfing in the waves.  He has a style, and I can tell which of the silhouetted heads is his.  His friends call him Mr. Smooth.

The kids have a math tutor, the same woman who tutored them at the end of last year, and the summer.  She’s brilliant and managed to get Beatrice through all seven pages of her math homework without one tear.  Something I’m not able to do.  Probably because I can’t get through my own math without crying.  For Isaac, math comes easier.  He can do it in his head, and it doesn’t stress him out.

Beatrice and I went to the Center.  I made seventeen outreach calls, and talked to two actual people.  I dislike talking on the phone, except to my mom and my sister.  It was good practice, like most things.  Bea drew a picture and gave it to the three other phone call makers.  She’s so cute.

I ate too much chocolate, but it’s about that time anyway.  It was dark chocolate, and there was raisins and nuts in it, so it was good for me.  As the French say, il y a “milk!” “fruit!” “nuts!”  C’est bon pour votre santé!



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