Life ain’t a track meet; it’s a marathon.

Keeping with the running metaphor, when it comes to work, I’m a sprinter.  I can have intense periods of output, but then I need to hang back a bit and get some perspective.   I’m still reading, not even close to 50 books, but plugging away.  I’ve read more books this year than I’ve read since I took the year off abroad.  Anyway, I’m toward the end of Teacher Man, and for some reason this morning it made me think about having a creative job, like being a writer.  I’m not a creative person, but I do enjoy creativity, and can appreciate it in others.  I think having to be creative on a daily basis sounds like a lot of pressure, but also very freeing and exciting.  I’m not planning on becoming a writer, but what reading made me think about today is where I feel constrained in my work; what causes me to feel trapped?  There is predictability, but enough unpredictability to keep it interesting and exciting.  Is it the schedule, the hours?  I work for the public and therefore my time is accountable to the public – eating lunch can be guilt inducing, though I think the public would want me to be healthy and nourished so I can serve it better.  I have seriously considered leaving my work, not because it is difficult or tragic, but because I think I am in a spot where I have dealt with the secondary demons.  I feel motivated to become that magnet into post-secondary, or perhaps policy or law.



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