Floaty float

Super-grounded? No.  Startstopdelete. No that’s not right, writing.

Last night I dropped my French class so I could spend more time at home with my family.  Bryan and I laid around and talked for like 45 minutes, which we never do.  One of us is always working.  It was nice.  I figured I’m not moving to France this year, so there’s no need to rush with the language component.  It will happen, and maybe not with a class, but perhaps with a tutor, who I can meet with after the kids go to bed.

Current life equation:
Difficult conversations, tightrope-walking at work +
Intermittent, poor sleeping habits +
Kids’ school drama (you wouldn’t believe it) +
A bunch of smaller over-commitments =
Lazy when I am not required to be doing anything at that moment.



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