It’s freezing – not Royan freezing, but cold still.  At least there’s heat.  So many things have been happening, but I haven’t been in the mood to write them down, so here they are in abbreviated form:

  • 4-H – I’m starting a club here in SF.  I’ve got a great partner in the process, and we’ve been offered free use of a local farm as a platform for our projects.  Bea immediately wanted to work with animals, horses specifically.  Argh.  I’ve always disliked horses, since the time I was thrown off one while summering on a peach farm in Marysville.
  • West Side Story – If you would have asked me five years ago, if I would ever willingly attend musical theater, I would have laughed and probably have made fun of you.  Since I started working at the bakery, I’ve been to several sing-alongs at the Castro, and two musicals.   And I like them.  When you’re a jet…
  • CTE – I attended another conference on CTE and ROP after that last one in L.A.  The folks I’ve been trying to persuade were in attendance as well, which was awesome, because two folks from the state were able to say what I think is so important about CTE, way better than my nervous self ever could.  When I get really excited about something, I sometimes become inarticulate, and find it would be easier to just upload my brain into another.
  • Kings of Pastry – Went to see this film with AL, a bakery friend.  A documentary about crushing devotion to pastry in France – the MOF.  See it in all its beauty and melodrama.
  • Pies, pies, pies – I made pies.  And cake.  Lots.

Difficult to wake up today.  My natural inclination is to stay up late, which I’ve done for the past five days.  Even though I’ve had an early schedule for years now, I prefer staying up late.  I also like getting up early, but if I’m to do both, there needs to be a little nap in the middle.



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