Mama Orca and Bea Orca

Spent the afternoon with Bea.  We drove over to Berkeley in search of a sari, which she has been wanting forever.  I instinctively went to University Avenue since I recalled driving down it years and years ago and thinking, “Wow, those are a lot of sari shops.”  The Sari Palace had, not kidding, at least 1,000,000 outfits to choose from, at least.  Bea tried on several in various colors and settled on an “ocean”-colored one with a black background.  The guy gave us a huge discount because he said Bea would bring him good luck. Even with the special discount she’s going to wear it as a holiday dress and also for special occasions for the next two years.

Here’s Bea’s description:

Welp, it has a thousand and two jewels,  I mean um yeah, and it has a pretty silky blue scarf that has jewels at the end and at the end of the jewels there are some black diamonds.  And I have bindi that has  black, white, and blue, and my dress it is in two pieces.  Part of it is a skirt and the rest is a shirt but from a long ways away it looks like it’s in one whole piece.  The colors are slightest green, silver, blue and black.  It feels very soft in the inside but on the outside it’s a little bit itchy because of all the jewels.  On the back it is just plain black and a couple of bows to tie my shirt, and it’s it so soft that it almost feels like silk.  I love it!  And the blue is my dad’s favorite color.

Afterwards for lunch we went to Betty’s Oceanview Diner, a favorite haunt of ours when Bryan and I were first dating.  Bea had pancakes and bacon, and I had the California Breakfast – delicious just like I remember.

Now we’re home.  It’s cold and rainy outside and it’s warm and cozy in here. I’m drinking a Trouble coffee, the kids are playing prince and princess, and Bryan’s inspecting his Zorton gift-making apparatus.  It’s a wonderful Saturday afternoon.



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