And now, the uninspired, inspired part

Well I don’t know if NoBloPoMo prompted me to post more often, but I certainly did think about it.  This is the part of my month when I’m not as in love with everything as I can be, and it will show.

Earlier in the week I spent two days at a conference in an L.A. airport hotel, filling my brain with good stuff.  Initially, I was only mildly interested in attending, but it ended up being inspiring and totally connected to my love of making school relevant for students.  Now that I’m back, I’ve been reinvigorated, especially by a presentation from the CDE (who’d have thought) on the radical, yet do-able and innovative new direction for them, and soon, us.  I came into education on the left of the line, and have always hoped that things would head back over this way.  They are.



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