Sitting and walking and breathing

photo from Wikipedia

Last night I went to my first meditation class, ever.

A woman took us upstairs to the meditation room where we sat on firm, red, cubes of cushions.  She spoke slowly and deliberately about the posture of sitting, talked to us about the background of Shambhala, and the purpose of this particular way of meditating.  At the moment, I’m not able to recall what she said exactly, but as she was saying it, I remember it all making perfect sense.  She interspersed the silence with suggestions and comments to help us along, which made it easy to “sit in practice.” After about 10 minutes, she led us into walking meditation, after which we sat again.  We repeated this pattern a couple times, finishing up with complete silent sitting and walking. I was there for about an hour and a half, but it didn’t feel like that long.

There were periods where sitting was uncomfortable, painful almost, and I would go in and out of feeling it.  This particular type of meditation, has you keep your eyes open, and looking on an area of the ground about six feet away.  While doing this, I noticed that my back and hips which were the sore parts, didn’t bother me, but it would take me a moment each time, to get to that point.  I like how it’s called “practice” because it’s never perfected; it’s always different.

I rode the Muni home, feeling relaxed.  I slept well and didn’t wake once in the night.  All morning the relax feeling lingered. 

Today things got really stressful, and I believe that if I hadn’t meditated last night, I would have been a bigger mess than I was.  All in all, things went well, but I had a difficult time getting there.

I’d like to continue to practice formally.  I think it would be really good for me.



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