A little something

Throughout my life I have collected books, so lately when I finish one, I go to the bookshelf and find another that looks good.  There are many options.  It would take years for me to finish every book I own and haven’t read. Some I may want to reread one day, or maybe I just like having them around to remind me of how much I enjoyed them when I read them. 

I’m currently reading Julia Child’s, My Life in France.  Lately, I seem to be interested in non-fiction, which is the majority of the sanity-keeping book list over there in the sidebar. I like the way she writes, the topic, and that the book has pictures.  What’s cool about Paris, and France for that matter, is that the way the pictures look in the book of the old buildings, etc., is the same way it looked 200 years ago and it’s the way it looks now.  They didn’t tear down some old building in the 4th to put up a new high-rise, or shopping center.  Similar to SF, most of it looks the same way it has for many, many years.  It shows a respect for quality and beauty and history.

Photo by Benh via Wikipedia


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