Now, on to the next thing…

Last night the family watched the Giants win the World Series.  Folks who know me, know I’m not a sports fan.  Personally I like to do individual sports: running, hiking, biking, all done slowly not competitively.  I like to watch the World Cup, and parts of the Olympics – that’s about it.  I’m not a big fan of baseball, but I do like my home team because I like my home, and this group of players were an atypical group, which made me love them all the more.

Last night after the final strike, the kids, Bryan and I jumped up and down in the living room and then ran out and down the block yippee-ing.  We ran to the corner where we saw a couple of other people, mostly drunk, also yelling “Giants!” at passing cars.  Then we ran back home and got ready for bed.  That’s how we do it in the Outer Sunset.



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