Not moving

photo by Paul Ferraris

I had the funny realization yesterday that our 2+ years in this house, are the longest I’ve lived in one place since 2005.  Morro Bay – St. Pée sur Nivelle – Royan – Los Osos – Huntington Beach – San Jose – San Mateo – and now, SF. 

We love our house, our neighborhood.  I can walk to the best restaurant in the city, the best coffee, and a wonderful little market.  I can drop off and pick up dry-cleaning, and the occasional DVD if I’m not in the mood for my Netflix options.  I can walk to the park, the beach, decent burritos, and a family-owned ice cream parlor.  I can hop on the Muni to get downtown in under an hour, and the De Young in under 20 minutes.

I don’t know how long we’ll be here, but what I’m getting better at doing is accepting that while I’m not sure of the length of stay, I love it now and there’s no rush getting me going someplace else.  The future always brings something interesting; for now, I’ll enjoy this.




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